Dog No Bark Collar w/3 Training Modes Beep Vibration and Shock Review

Dog No Bark Collar w/3 Training Modes Beep Vibration and Shock Review

100% Waterproof Training Collar Up to 1000Ft Remote Range

Help You Train Your Dog Easily with 3 Efficient & Safe Training Modes

The Dogcare Dog Training Collar provides beep, vibration and shock training mode for you the owner to select.

Safety and Humane treatment :

We have given you the option of the training you wish to give your dog, There are some that will never use the shock treatment, there are others that may well have to, simply to change the action of the dog or dogs in your family

We have provided the options we are not stating that shock treatment is the best method, we are saying that most often it is the fastest, that in no way states how you wish to use this dog training collar.

Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar w:3 Training Modes Beep 4

So lets get on with training your dogs 

Choose the most efficient training mode for your dog and teach him or her the basic obedience commands.

Recommend you to try the beep mode first.

If your dog does not respond to the beep then try the vibration mode , then and if he or she does not respond you could try the static mode from low level of static stimulation.  Most dogs respond to either the beep or the vibration mode and to date we have had to use the stimulation mode very rarely.

With a range for the handheld of Up to 330 yards Remote Range –

More Performance Training for Your Dog Dogcare dog training collar with 330 yards remote range, which is flexible enough to work for both indoor training and for outdoor training, running, or hiking with your dog.

This extensive remote range can be used for more performance training. You can train you dog to catch a ball in the park, or to fetch something for you in your house.

Feel free to off your leash and train your dog without any boundaries.

100% Waterproof Receiver – For All of Your Dogs Outdoor Activities Training collar receiver with Waterproof level IPX65 offers your dog the maximum flexibility of outdoor activities. You can just bring your dog to the seaside or have a wonderful swimming time in the pool.

Also, the shock collar receiver is made of durable ABS, which is strong enough to withstand any movement with your dog. Rechargeable Transmitter & Receiver with Battery Levels Indication

Easy to charge the Dogcare training collar Transmitter & Receiver with any USB charger. You can charge the training set with your power bank, phone charger or laptop USB charging port. The training collar remote can show battery levels for both the remote and receiver.

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Feature of the No Bark Dog Collar

  • 3 TRAINING MODES TRAINING COLLAR – Dogcare Electronic Dog Training Collar provides 3 extremely efficient and safe training modes (beep, vibration and shock modes) for you to teach a dog basic obedience commands and solve an uncontrollable dog’s behaviour problems.
  • NO MORE ACCIDENTAL SHOCK ANYMORE – Have you ever feel sorry for the accidental shock to your dog caused by your misoperation? Now with the Dogcare Remote Dog Shock Collar, no more accidental shock would happen to your dog. The security keypad lock prevent any misoperation on the remote. Feel free to carry the remote without worrying about the accidental shock.
  • 9 CHANNELS MAXIMUM CONTROL – Unlike other training collar for maximum 2 dogs training. Dogcare Dog Training Collar supports maximum 9 dogs training with only 1 remote transmitter. If you have more than 2 dogs in your house, Dogcare training shock collar would be the perfect option for you.
  • 0~99 STATIC LEVEL ADJUSTABLE FOR ALL SIZE DOGS – Do you fear to hurt your dog in Shock Mode? Dogcare Dog Training Collar offers adjustable 0~99 static level for you. You can adjust the accurate static level for your dog. Also this dog training shock collar is size adjustable. Perfect for all size dogs(15lbs~100lbs).
  • UP TO 330 YARDS REMOTE RANGE & LONG BATTERY TIME – Wireless control for up to 330 yards remote range. Feel easy to train your dog with Dogcare Electronic Dog Training Collar in the park or backyard. Long battery life ensure you an effective dog training.
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