Intro to Rugby Union 15s vs 7s, With HSBC

Intro to Rugby Union 15s vs 7s, With HSBC

The two most common version the rugby are called 15s and 7s 15s is the more common traditional version played with 15 players on each team


The game of rugby union is 80 minutes long depending on the age group and category of players that are playing the game.


The full game for senior rugby and international rugby is 80 minutes split into two 40-minute halves ten minute halftime.


Sevens aside rugby (7) is a quicker version played on the same sized rugby field with seven players on a team and two seven-minute halves with a two-minute halftime


Since sevens games lasts about 15-minutes They are played in a tournament format the most popular of which is the International HSBC sevens that consists of ten tournaments played annually


Each of the rugby union tournaments has 16 teams that compete in 45 games over a 2-3 day period.

This annual competition starts with the first tournament due to be played either in November of each year with one or two games played prior to christmas .


These games are played every year in circles around the globe making stops in South Africa, Australia ,New Zealand, Vegas, Vancouver ,Hong Kong, England and or Scotland.


It should be stated that some destination changes from year to year depending on the success of the venue and its ability to draw a crowd.





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